The shoes are entirely made at Irene Costa’s workshop in Porto Sant ‘Elpidio, in order to guarantee a manufacturing process “Made in Italy” in all its phases. The leathers and materials are carefully chosen to ensure a high quality product that meets the needs of customers and consumers. The leathers used are calf leathers, nappa leather, lakke’ leather, suede leather, combined in some cases with water-repellent fabrics of excellent quality.

After the pattern is made thanks to the hard job of an expert pattern maker, the very first stage of a shoe production is the cutting of the leather material that determinates the success of the entire productive process . This is carried out entirely by hand , it starts with the accurate selection and control of the leather itself , the placement of the cardboard pattern, and finally with the skills and experience of the expert shoemaker that will cut the leather . Whereupon the leather parts of the upper are stitched together with the lining and any of the needed accessories by qualified stitching ladies.

Once the phase of stitching can be considered completed, two different types of stiffeners, one for the point and one for the back, are inserted into the stitched upper to strengthen the structure of the shoe. The second step would be to place the upper on the last, a plastic shape with mesurament of a real woman foot, and to begin the set up for the assembly of sole, insole and heel.

The very last stage of a shoe production is a mix of different specific jobs like: polishing, brushing, streightnening and finishing before the shoe will be placed on the chosen shoe box.

The highly qualified staff checks carefully each pair before packing and shipping the goods to final client. The delivery takes place after the client’s order in the shortest time possible, thanks to the flexibility that usually charaterized a small laboratory. The products are named under the brand Irene Costa or according to the different needs of the customers, also under private label. The Factory Irene Costa boasts a recent collaboration with an international brand in the creation of a series of samples and in its production of vegan women’s shoes , produced with synthetic high quality fabrics made especially for a environmentally friendly costumer.